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6:45 a.m. - 2008-10-07
Update I LIKE ME CUZ I like me-kirk Franklin
Hello, I'm back Still at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. I don't want to come here again. This hospital is done in my eyes.
Anyway Hannah got a job at hte Don Orion Nursing Home on 111 Orient Ave. In East Boston.
I have found a friend in Rihanna and most of her music.
The stupid gang is still being ignorant, rude, and insolent. I hate them
Police are getting into my life urgh! Nosey delinquents. They are cool not keeping secrets from me lookin and talking at me like i am an ignorant weirdo.
And get a load of this, an even bigger laugh...I still go to church. And plus Hannah want to make a dance with me to LIKE ME by Kirk Franklin.
I don't know only HE knows. The man who turns the world.
Love ya MAN.

Next with HIS help I will get a car and a degrees and a job.
Oh yeah I met this guy SAURABH GUPTA he poked out my HYMEN and now I have a bigger hole. My goodness maybe I should call this place THe LEMUE HYMEN Shattuck. Hannah is still a virgin they say DO IT (kill yourselv) is always in my ears
What else...

Oh and they think AARON is going to marry my sister GOOD LUCK either way I hope you end up in a woman's shelter where you really start knowin.



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