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9:30 a.m. - 2008-10-13
Grandma's Number number 19 And Plans for my Vita (LIFE)
Hey, It's lydia again i'm listening to rihannah umbrella i want to get out of this hospital anyway here is a list of things i want to get and goals I want to achieve before my death whenever...ok,
First, I don't want to get harassed or killed by the stupid gang (everybody knows) scum-bags, slime...
1. i want to go to a group home (DBT house in Brookline)
2. I want to preach at church about Rihanna's words in her song Umbrella as well as other subjects
3. i want to learn guitar
4. I want to ride my bike (YES I GOT ONE...from TARGET
5.I want Hannah-hymen to put my picture on myspace
6.I want to spend my next two consecutive weekends with AUnt Laleith (sat and sunday's)
7.I want a family meeting so i can get outta this place.
8.I want latchook and yarn
9. I want a jaw surgery
10.Iwant clog complete foot covering shoes
11. I want a one piece dress
12. I want to make videos and put them on YOUTUBE
13.Get money from relatives to pay of credit card bills
14.I want to buy a puppy and keep and take care of him while I"m still alive.
15. save $1 a day for my kids to be succesful in school etc.
16.I want a surgery to repair my shoulders
17.I want to call DBT House the group home
18.I want to buy a cheap car that's sufficient to my needs
19.954-430-7302 GRANDMA NERISSA VanWhervin
20. I'm worried about Bro. Nicholas because he hasn't been coming to church
21. I will get married and have a beautiful wedding
22. I will buy pepper spray
23. I will repair my credit
24. I will join YMCA and go on days off.
25.I will get my driver's license.



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