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11:35 a.m. - 2008-10-14
Gum and hardballs
I just bought 4 hot balls and 4 pieces of gum from the giftshop here at the Shittuck...oh well..I'm pretty grateful for it
Like I said mommy and daddy alone are going to Florida to spend x together with grandma and theirselves...I had been thinking when I was younger that they should go out to restaurants alone (i.e. mommy and daddy)-that was when I was in Columbus, Ohio.
But, I am bored and want to get home...right after they go to Florida...I will go home.
I feel guilty I have been getting what I want and not what I need in life. As my life organizes I hope to get what I need like necessities...I probably sound like all the different diaries...but Necessities;like food, clothing (that fits)...maybe I'll go out shopping with naomi one day.
peace if have to get off this piece



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