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6:49 a.m. - 2008-10-15
Nathan-Florida-Suspicious Shattuck Patients
What's up's morning and I'm still at the Shattuck Mommy and Daddy are once in again going to Florida to visit grandma nerissa grandaddy died back in 2004/5 not sure what year.
These are some people that are suspicious but should i even say it the police are acting funny telling me to go back to Howe St. and I want to go to a group home to finish school at B ryman Institute now called Everest Institute. talking s***.
Well, I am still interested in Nathan Landers But I think he has aids i will live with him in Dedham because the ride to Boston is l onger a way to let go of my stress and buck up and become an adult. Anyway I am guess I'll become a swinger dancer in night clubs (no sex pleaze) dancin' away to make more money. Is it disgraceful to be a exotic dancer? I don't know...well start a new day and see Salieu and Sean annyoing



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