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7:10 a.m. - 2008-10-16
I want..and Mommy and Daddy went to Florida....missing Nathan Landers even if he doensn't like me
I'm here at the Shattuck i mean i can't count days like they are goin by quickly so i have found that i must relax and 'take one day at a time' as the old saying goes.
Hannah is home alone and Daddy and Mommy is in florida
I miss Nathan he's SO sweet
He's like "I'm not Hannah's keeper" when he talked to me the other day(yesterday) they were having choir practice i don't know what i want in life now

ok i do
i want a kid
i want a car
i want a job
i want a church that believes God
i want new clothes that I like on me
i want nice shoes
i want to help others and donate to funds
i want a wedding
i want Marmalade back most of all :'(



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