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6:41 a.m. - 2008-10-20
it's early i'm up.last night hannah got kinda upset with me for using her graduation pictures in my slideshow on the internet.
i hate breakfast here ta the Shattuck...well for an update on my frazzled life: I am going to buy a car (small,cheap) and drive to school. And I'm going to buy a dog(pref a golden retriever) i will be going back home soon...pray for me that i don't come back. I mght go to a group home first in Brooklie so I can finish Everest Institute...actually I need to finish everest from Brookline then drive to BMC to work as a secretary...PLEASE PRAY FOR ME; AS PRAYERS are deeply needed for me...going ot church Fridays only by car etc...Bro. Wilbert Matison hating me and want ing m eot not particpate in churhc



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