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7:18 a.m. - 2008-11-20
Thanksgiving is coming up and a car
Hello are you? No just kidding. But I am online now...this is yesterday i went out and did some clubhouse hoppin in Brookline there is a Webster House out all likelihoood I'll live in Brookline at a group home so I don't go home and kill myself or someone else..rather, not in laymans' terms: BE a harm to myself or others. So I will attend pysch classes for mentally ill at Boston University and attend Everest Institute ( a secretary school) in Brighton. Then I will attend Salem State College GOd willing. I hope so...and take a subject I can stand then go on to grad school and PhD. Thanks giving is coming up. I do't know what's going to happen but in all likelihood it will be boring. I want pumpkin pie...turkey yum
I saw Unlce Timothy and Aunt Omega's and Aunt Carla and Patrice and Taneisha's pictures. Unlce Timothy went on a walk and advertised www.ANOINTEDCONNECTIONS.ORG
I spoke with Hannah last night. She is talking about traveling to England and Maryland and bladdy bladdy blah But I think it is something she is doing that is confusing. I don't understand her.
Hannah and I will be singing this song by some white guy named "wer'e as different as night and day".
On Saturday I'll be going ot my life is boring outside of my nervousness I try cognitive therapry every so often to no permanent avail...things will change when I get a car. I will be driving to Salem State College everyday and I want be coming back to LEmuel Shattuck Hospital again.



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