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7:54 a.m. - 2008-11-26
Harvard School of Dental Medicine-I like Doctor Oyina (sp?)
Hello again i Started this diary in's something....Sometimes I forget how much I have written (Alot). Anyway Daddy took me to the Dentist yesterday Harvard Dental School I used to go to a dentist in Fields Corner a Spanish woman I forget her name....Alot has happened over the years I feel like I have been mentally dormant but once I start school I'll wake up more.. I want to get a car too...maybe for $4,000 and work at South Bay Mall. There is this guy here who is always looking a me and cursing he says "bitch" "i'll kill you" "Nigger Nigger" I think he thinks he knows what's in my head he doesn't I am only acting for these Shackies ( Peple at the Shattuck). I am not sure if I am going home or going to a group of the prettties (based on my theory that I pretty people are mean) said If I go to Howe St. I want come back to the Shattuck. His name is Sullyvant he is a police officer here at the Shattuck. I think he is handsome. A few weeks after I left last year (that is left the hospital last year) I started taking the taxi to the Shattuck and looking for Aaron THurston...he's cute to me so I was under some spell that thought I could catch him and maybe get a hug be boyfriends and girlfriends but that didn't successfully carry through. Well, bye.I'll get a car and make money and go to college and get a better job.I will be driving to Everest Institute 4 days a week and have fun...just some positive aspirations. Peace.



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