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6:59 a.m. - 2008-11-28
The Campasanos
IT was the Campasono's for Thanksgiving yesterday...Bro Nicholos' brother is mui bonito excuse my Spanish. My last two Thanksgiving's were with Aunt Meggy and Naomi.
I miss Marmalade alot....I will buy a puppy...I need one...and name him Marmalade Jr.
Aaron oh Aaron what should I say: NOTHING...this dude likes Hannah, I figured that out a LONG time ago even before I got into the mess that is 10 North....the staff are weird...I'll never come back to this hospital dead or alive....unless there is some kinda world blasting emergency. I think that they are mean. I don't even want to bother them anyway. They are under some silly presumption that I want to kill them. And then They are hiding the fact that the gang wanted to kill me. The gang didn't bother me. Anyway, I am waiting for my check from Ohio from being in the Navy in North Chicago, IL. I am going to buy a car so I can ride to Everest College and UMass Boston and work. I will save money.



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