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6:14 a.m. - 2008-11-30
Always Pads-Eld Gouldbourne-Nathan L.
yesterday after ch urch i went ot Walgreens. i saw nate landers at church. i heard him al ong time a go he was like: "I'll play at her funeral" insane dare you say that. I mean i don't want him to play even at my wedding. Why? Because he hates me....He makes money play piano for Bethel anyway. I and they are discussing buying a new building at churdch the one close to MOhter Gouldbourne's house behind (2 houses behind) her house.
Eld. Gouldbourne keeps on bothering me....he needs to stop. I gave him the middle finger because he is too goofy to rule at church...he said Always Always Alway s 3 times yetserday (or more who konws) because he read my mind when I said "Always..oh Always pads" he jokes 2 much. Oh ,a nd PRiscilla is going down. She lives in Boston/Framingham She had a baby(Ariana) so did Sis. Cauleen (the babies name is Kayana or something spelling like that) Jullienned has a baby Dwayne has a baby and Naomi has a abbaby Ramani...naomi doesn't like me.



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