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2:44 p.m. - 2008-11-30
Jerks, scoundrels, and Going on A Sunday shopping with MOmmy and Daddy
i'm still here. I guess i a mgoing sohpping with mommy and daddy later; South Bay Mall. I want to buy some colorful skirts. I n fact, I will buy some colorful skirts and some leather type casual shoes, maybe 1 pair of jeans, next a cute top or two.
I wonder how Ethan is doing. He will be marrying Reenna soon. I KONW THAT I KNOW i will not play at part in that wedding....I have a feeling Reenha James Duncan hates me. But anyway, I hope that she is doing better. She said to me YOU ARE SICKENING. I was very saddened. who knows maybe someone was talking to her. So anyway, what else, I will get my hair pressed and curled sooner or later. When I make more money I will get a weave and extensions every 3-4 months for my years in schoo and work and then in school only I'll just press my hair every other day if not every day.
I do'nt like the gang and I will avoid them ....they wont kill me neither will I committ suicide. There are some realy sick (mind and body) people as staff in this hospital i don't want to mess with th em at all based on the level of danger that have attained...scary Most of them are Hairian I'm scared of them really. Not because they are poor but more because they just don't rest well with my heart and soul. Who rests well with my heart and soul (well here I go again gettin lonely with my words) is prophet and God my love of my life. I am still learning about God because alot of people around this hospital seem to be saying behind my back (which I hvae sensed my whole life anyway unless i was feeling form soneone.)that I don't know about God and that Hannah does (I heard someone saying that Hannah is a little more successful than me because she is pretty and I am not ugly I think (uh oh) here comes somem pride. I'll stop downing my self one day. But most think I am ugly because of the way I am dressed and my hair...I have to take care of tha the ebecause as Hannah would say "I'm a queen my lips shimmer and my hair has got sheen".
I hate the SHattuck I hope I never come back again.
Ook, anyway I wont not even to visit anyone or look for Aaron (this dude hates me...I wont bother him any day) I still think he's kewt....whatever I 've been heraing through the grape vine that he is going to Marry Hannah he wont.....not even over my DEAD body...JERKS they r ganging up on me you know who you are.



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