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8:48 a.m. - 2008-12-03
Military Memories
Really, I think Aaron Thurston (the security guard here) is disciplined and very smart. That is part of his success. Actually all military are good.

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I know you hatin' Aaron. I got police reading this. But I was in the military (Army and Navy). I've probably already said that in my diary here on diaryland. I have mad friends that I lost maybe even physically in the miltary. To name a few: Adams (last name), Chatham (last name), Bryant (last name) and FERETT Boy (Home boy from California) never got his first name; Shannon Johnson, Hovateer, Deryl, to name a few. The rest of you you know who you are the FBI has us in this position stance (military people) etc.
I hope to die with you guys on my mind and the good and not so good times.



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