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6:07 a.m. - 2009-03-31
i am on MYSPACE. It is a network for friends and family that want to stay in touch. I just found Andre from BEthel on there...he is Hannah's friend so I will add him to my friends...let's see who will I add: Andre, I am looking up Niceness 007 now...I don't recognize her...Hannah's friend...I don't know maybe Hannah met her when she was here in BOston or something. Anyway I have this feeling that mommy hannah and daddy will be going to Florida soon. They are probably going to fly out there...I am so tired of being in Mental Hospitals I have been in them since 2001. I am still thinlkg about J.R. that guy on my unit he want to kill me...HE wont.
I have to move I might move to Chicago or Ohio. Chicago if they let me back into the Navy and Ohio if they don't this city IS NOT for me. Massachusetts is bad for me. If I lived in Ohio i would be able to go to school and maybe get a bachelor's degree...Aunt OMega is getting her bachelor's degree now...I know she is older now but she can still do this. If I got a PHD it would " BLOW My MINd "
Ok, somehow I will...catch up with Hannah, Iw onder if I have AIDS....I saw a white bump inside my mouth...Yep, I have been thinking too much.Last night Il also had a dream that I was with that guy J.R. and two Airplanes crashed into each other.
Anyway I am tired of being in Massachusetts.. I am ready to fly out or take a bus out...I know I am losing it but I hvae to get out peace.



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