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12:42 p.m. - 2009-09-25
Guess what? I MISS JATE. I have been thinking about him alot. I don't think Daddy and Mommy should have put him down. When they went to the MSPCA they spent a lot of money.
A lot has been happening...
1. Mommy just got out of the hospital. She had an obstructed bowel. It was scary and nerve racking for me. Everything that I have to process in my thoughts in this hospital is scary and nerve wracking for me.
2. A BILLION of weird people. People reading my mind and hating me alot. Staff members saying anything off the top of their head to me such as: "You are going to get shot"(Bobbie). "Lydia has problems"(Sean). "She's sick"(Sal) The patients are wild. Ok, I am talking conditionally...the patients got to go
J is still here.



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