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11:03 a.m. - 2009-10-02
Listing of 10 North Names.......willl I nevere have a computer again?
I am still at the Lemuel Shattuck hospital. This hospital confuses me. Well here is a history:Lemuel Shattuck, teacher, historian, statistician, publisher, and visionary, developed the original plan that in 1869 led to the establishment in Massachusetts of the nation’s first Board of Health. Lemuel Shattuck’s plan was the first to identify major public health issues including the recommendation to establish the accurate keeping of health records and vital public health statistics to use as tools to fight disease. His plan called for the improvement of public sanitary conditions, the development of a vaccination program, the study of tuberculosis, the dissemination of public health information to all citizens, the control of potentially dangerous products, and the establishment of nursing schools, all to be used to promote better health.Lemuel Shattuck Hospital has always responded to the public health challenges facing our community. In our early years our focus was to treat chronic diseases such as polio and cancer. Later, pulmonary therapies and rehabilitation medicine moved to the forefront. Today’s emphasis in the treatment areas of HIV, Tuberculosis, mental health, homelessness, and substance abuse continues the hospital’s commitment to meeting the public’s health concerns.

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is a carefully structured network of services designed to treat the complex and intricate physical, emotional and social needs of our patients. We take pride in being able to assist people in their recovery from difficult medical and complex life situations, especially those with multiple diagnoses.
Then there are WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I am getting lost in a bunch of beliefs basically patient's attitudes. There are some patients on the unit I will name them by going in order of room:
This is like climbing a ice Avalanche with a small pick (seriously):
Jesse Rosenbloom
Roy Betley
James P.
Charles Chathman
Leonor Flores
Rosemary Salvo

Lydia Brooks (me)
a black guy
whos is really short



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