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11:13 a.m. - 2009-11-02
have to go.......
SO I am planning on going home and keeping all of my things selling things to get money to pay MOMMY AND DADDY. I will have to plan on a way to get my books to school. I will stay a Medical Administrative Assistant. I will take the T. I have to. Maybe write someone as a friend and call them once a week. Yes, PLANS Jesse...he's is ...don't even know him. The gang wants to kill me and daddy they wont...they want to kill hannah too maybe i should put it this way they want to kill hannah and daddy and mommy i do't know. But I am deteriorating physically because I am on Lithium. What can someone do to return to society once theh ahve been on Lithium.
Juesse is nuts, he thinks that I am jealous of a piece of dust to begin with...........
He goes around talking about me and he hears voices all the time and sees vision



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