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8:47 a.m. - 2009-11-27
I want to go to U Mass Boston for some kind of health science if I don't have AIDS. But otherwise, If I can I would like to go home to Howe St. and get a ride to school each day. I am still getting SSI it is around two-hundred seventy dollars a month. Two hundred and five goes to my hospital bill and sixty goes to my school bill. The rest goes to me. I want to get a start on working at some place that will keep me for a while. I'm starting to sound like ZITTA. I spoke to her at length on facebook. Here is the conversation:(I'll get it later).
Facebook is this new thingy where you talk to people online through messages and can post photos and links and stuff. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, we went to Sis. Chambers new home. Her sons and daughters were there. Keri, her son reminds me of someon maybe I forget him from GOodale Rd. , Verona was there she has a new son named Joshua, Francine is mean as usual I heard her telepathically talking about poising my drink. My life is really disheveled right now. Ok, here are the kinds of pants I want to wear but not sure if daddy would let me wear them:



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