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6:02 p.m. - 2009-12-13
Poem on Jesse Rosenbloom
There's a man named Jesse
Chasing me
Racing me?
Me, my thought
Yes, sees what I bought
At the giftshop, the floor
Rented, twice (two heads) called me a hoar
Yes, sees what I bought neon green scrub shoes
Twice considered to buy them
Always said "You lose"
Talking of me in this game of life
Sometimes I'd rather be made his wife
Keeping it warm, the rocking chair
In the relaxation room knocking air
With a pen to the beat of the songs
close to the sound of the man who replays his face in my mind to the song Wi-WI WEE!
He's a good guy all in all but what should I say when he invited me in the bathroom stall
I refused to come in at all
For that would be my sickened minds confused fall
But if I had gone in anyway
I would surely would have wanted to stay



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