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10:12 a.m. - 2009-12-27
Patients Descriptions
So there is this janitor who works here a black guy I think he is from Jamaica and he said "You're thick Lydia" then he said "I'll kill you" he is always "chasing" me around the unit as he cleans like he mumbles stuff to me. I am wary of him as Jesse. Jesse hasn't said anything to me for days but I hear his voice telepathically. He looked at me while I was working in the cafe at TREE. Jesse said "I'll kill you" to me too a while back. There are a few characters at TREE I'll talk to you about there is an older guy who looks like an elf who always says "Hi Lydia!" He comes to TREE when I work at the cafe He asked me to buy him some coffee once. Then there is this guy who has a problem wiht one eye. He offered to buy me icecream and a soda a couple times, I refused. But I asked him for money amounting to $3 I feel bad about it I asked Cleve for .25 and older very skinny man who daddy gave a Bible as a gift. Leonor said "I'm a mommy" to me the other day. Then about 6 months ago I heard her say to Jesse "I killed her" talking about me. Then there is this guy named Carlos he is puerto rican and he is always walking around when I work at the cafe he asks for iced coffee. He seems nice but I' m not sure. I'll finish the rest later.



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