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11:31 a.m. - 2010-03-08
What's up
The gang seems to be controlling me very little but a long time ago a lot. Throught physical positions I made when I posed for my camera pictures, to how my fingers feel now (that has gone away). The gang is very money loving. So I had a dream about Jesse Rosenbloom last night that I had ### with him so that I had his baby. I wish that was true. I am not too sure where my life will go to at this point: 1. Live with Priscilla and finish Everest 2. Live with Naomi and finish Everest 3. Live with Tanesha and finish Everest (she is charging me $150 /month--she has a baby two babies and Patrice has a baby too, Tanaya. Nate is still in California and Aunt Omega in Maryland---Uncle Timothy is gone-he died. I think he took his own life.



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