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6:03 p.m. - 2010-07-22
Gangs, Everest, Rosenbloom, Target
I have been riding the bus and they make fun of me alot. They say stuff about Jesse Rosenbloom and how I am worse andnot like Hannah. It's been getting annnoying. I hope that it subsides. I lost my two incisors on either side of my mouth I just noticed. So in other news

I STARTED SCHOOL -Everest College. When you compare to all the confusion that was going on when Daddy and Mommy kept on forcing me to wake up each morning and go to school in high school at Boston Latin, it's better. I live in a group home and now I have the freedom to walk about all I want to.again

!!! I can't wait to finish it. It's too easy. Oh and I had this habit where (i don't know WHERE it came from ) I stand on the bus and train and sit in school. it's like a rent thing, I learned it from Leonor FLores that lady Jesse Rosenbloom has a baby with (i think ????)i heard it in mixed messages word of mouth telepathy, voices psychics, that's how things are seeming to be going these days... hargh!!!!! I hope I form a better relationship with Hannah, I WILL Ok, well I do like Jesse Rosenbloom alot and I want to be his girlfriend. Ok, well I'm going to go back to the sites i have been visiting alot:http://www.myspace.com
The gang is still on me , they are threatning to take my life. You know WHAT? I think they have been threatning me for my whole life. The story is long and complicated. See Daddy was making deals and dealings with gangster maybe but surely gang related people in Ohio. Now these deals are working out as the richer gangsters are dealing and figuring everything out.ok so that aside i wanted to go to Target with Hannah but I have school.



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