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4:33 p.m. - 2011-03-28
Conversation with Tanesha
Tanesha:hay wass up.
L:took u long 2 answer.i miss uncle t alot. many dimensions to his character i miss...he bought a computer for us when we were in Boston..
T:ya just came back.
L:had to get rhe kids form schoolfrom school.
......later on in conversation after asking about dinner andhow boyfriend is cooking it tonight for Tanesha....
L:i got rejected from the ARMY bcs. of my ward days....they have records in FBI files on computers and stuffI will try to go back to Everest College soon. A secretarial school..
L:I am SOOOOO tired of my Dad telling me to not go to school until i attend church-but it is getting better i went to church with this girl named Zuri.So that's credit towards going back to school - Uncle David is strict.r u still there?.



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