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2:38 p.m. - 2011-04-26
Update and the JOETYAHDEX (short name) Monsters
At my group home (the ASPINWALL), they are so abusive. Especially the four men, Joe Bowman, Dexter Hester, Tyrell Paris, Ahmed Johnson. Those four are verbally abusive. They are so abusive at the group home. People keep on saying I will get pregnant. I wont get pregnant. I don't even have sex with those scum bag pieces of hell. They are so degrading. Soon they will be done with life if they don't go to college one day. I still like Jesse, he is so sweet. He is being preserved at the Lemuel Shattuck on 9 South. He ran away and got sent to the McClean hospital and no longer lives on 4 south Fenwood INN.



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