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6:31 a.m. - 2015-06-01
Army and Daddy sickness
I feel bad. I'm getting heart burn and I feel hungry. I feel like I need to move my bowels. And Michael Barry keeps on staring at me - I don't know why. I think we should be going on some good trips this week with TREE. Maybe shopping at a cheaper store. I like the cheaper stores. You can find things - I buy 'things' these days. Things I wouldn't buy years ago. I don't buy a lot. But with me MAYBE, listen, MAYBE joining the ARMY in the future again. I have to be ready with the right things. Lotion, soap, makeup. They grade you that way (the recruiters, MEPS, basic training, etc.) Daddy isn't doing to good. He is getting kidney Dialysis. I cry about it. Is he going to die? I keep on having dreams that he died and we are at his funeral.



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