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6:10 p.m. - 2022-04-18
Someone LikeAUnt DOrothy is fucking with my page like all black MEN do...he made me delete half of my diary
So, alot has been happening. Tabitha got married. Naomi had another baby named Shiloh (a boy). He's such a cutie!!!! And Ramani is a young teen now (he's grown up so much). Tabitha has two not one children now but 2!!! She had a boy (another child) his name is Thor. And Elisabeth her first born (a girl). Faith is still mothering Mosais. He's grown up too. Not really in height though. Maybe I should consult Faith on how to help her child develop his hormones and get taller. I haven't seen him grow much. Joel had a girl who was the flower girl at Tabitha's wedding. She looked cute in the pictur.



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