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3:36 p.m. - 2022-11-27
French Aside
I've gotten in touch with my cousins on both sides. Very exciting stuff! I'm glad to see them and talk to them on my dingy little cell phone it's a Samsung Galaxy Android. We also meet too. I miss everything that has to do with good times.
Hannah has a new friend named John. He is in his 60's. I wonder if he likes me alot. I just wonder. He is kinda quiet.
Hannah is not working but she always bares her teeth at me.
I miss Daddy and Marmalade. They were great. Guess what? Steven is living in France: Ok, Steven, heres some French: Si vous comprende la langue du France voulait a un temps tres bien en France. Les Provision et le vetements sont tres bien et tres bon. Il ya beaucoup de chose que vous pouvait fait (/) mais si vous aimez les choses qui sont tres du Dieu voulait avoir un temps tres bon. Steven, je t'aime. Merci pour les temps quand vous etiez avec le famille. Vous etes un artiste tres bon. Belles choses qui vous fait.
I love typing French and writing French.



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