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5:27 p.m. - 2023-05-24
I just took a cool shower at home/I miss Daddy
I think Hannah-Banana should marry a military man who doesn't have HIV or AIDs or any disease and have children; not John Cottonne. He is a bastard.
I miss Daddy,. Before he died I argued with the stupid insecure doctor that handle his case at Beth Israel. I asked him if he had Aids. And he said NO. And I got mad. The doctor said: "He doesn't have Aids". I said "ARE YOU SURE??!!" and then he lied and said: " Yes I am sure." ..... mother fucker caused Daddy to die. You will burn in hell doctor when your

    casket drops
as my cousin Armea could say. I stay in touch with my Brooks cousins and my VanWhervin cousins they are all beautiful/intelligent/powerful. HANNAH and MOMMY are too. Hannah has about $2000 to her name. We just bought a refrigerator. Mommy is down stairs and she offered me a 'brief' mum is SO sweet and kind. Oh and I met a goldie from JATEY's line very cute...I had to brace him to calm him down. Hi tabitha I miss you. Naomi I remember the times at your really cool apartment in randolph. remember she picked me up from the shelter and took me in



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