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6:27 p.m. - 2023-05-24
I want to go to college. American Military University sounds like a good start. I feel like I'm not being 'challanged' enough j/k. But for real I feel like being in the military and get the GI bill. You know what I meeaan.
I almost feel like I could have been a exotic dancer when were in Mattapan. I got my hair braided red and felt proud. But thank goodness it didn't turn out. I didn't want to be like Cilicia. She's this like mega model pro/hustler/slut/pro whatever. But I don't want her to take any of 'the men'...there is too much going on the in the Jamaican envelope they need to throw the confetti out and let the colors fall man it isn't too soon it's getting late. PLUS Jesus is coming back to fufill the Revelatory book.



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