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3:02 p.m. - 2001-03-28
a sore left to die
when someone who does not deserve to die dies it is

such a horrible time

such a horrible crime

seeing them the last time

at the peak of their prime, lying dead, gone,dead, alone

thats when people start asking why god why god

why god why

why should a sore be infected, left untreated to fester and die

why should an orphan be left alone in a desert, alone never to be parented

why should a victim of domestic abuse continue to recieve beatings after her lover tells her she will die if she looks for help in any way

why should someone with aids also have depression and die the next day without his family at his side

why should someone who had depression and noone who understood the true bug eating at their insides have to die without their family at their side and in pain, pain the living don't want to feel

"god, what was the purpose for her deaTh why did she have to die when she was already.. A




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