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2:32 p.m. - 2001-05-18
Human Innate Tendecies
Going on people let you it reflects everything they want and don't want people prize the asinine indescrepencies they see in others to feel a bit of comfort it is a ll a selfish triangle of self worth, self possesion. Humans are all self centered they control in degrees through various ways of hlepin others and doing various deeds that have been labled as part of the "moral standards" that reflect the values of whicever religion they decide to take comfort in to fade away all of their worries and problems that are inherent in today's world.

THe innate inherent and obvious reasons of the human being are controlled in every day is such a "thin line" -Wonder...that it is passed over each anmd every day and the humand is thuse tyring to control the innate tendencies that they are born comes even as close as in domestic relationships...father/daughter, mother/son, son/daughter, and of course the basis which all humans are trained to believe, in father/mother...the truest "LOVE"...

Go ahead, call me crazy



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