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9:13 p.m. - 1990-08-02
reall? i knew that maybe , who did? hmm
dshlm5: Hi Uncle Timothy

Jtb004: how ar eyou

Jtb004: are

dshlm5: ok

Jtb004: who is this

dshlm5: how are you doing these days

Jtb004: good

Jtb004: you?

dshlm5: ok

dshlm5: Guess who it is (even if its not one of the Brook's family)

Jtb004: wow

Jtb004: Lalith

Jtb004: ?

dshlm5: No

dshlm5: Its Lydia

dshlm5: :-)

dshlm5: ;-)

Jtb004: haha

Jtb004: ohh

Jtb004: thought you were saying not in the brooks family

dshlm5: oh

dshlm5: sorry

dshlm5: :-)

Jtb004: no prob

Jtb004: haha

dshlm5: haha

Jtb004: whats going on

dshlm5: nothing much

Jtb004: same here

dshlm5: it seems like most people occupy their time with, working, sleeping, eating and then to they go to movies, stand around with each other talking about movies, go online to find out about movies, rent movies, watch them on tv listen to music on the radio buy music etc etc a bland and systemated lifestyl...

Jtb004: haha

dshlm5: sorry

Jtb004: oh yeah

dshlm5: whateve

dshlm5: r

Jtb004: ?

sorry about what

dshlm5: talkign about that'

Jtb004: no prob

Jtb004: that's cool

Jtb004: I like talking to you

Jtb004: you are a thinker

Jtb004: what should people spend their time doing

Jtb004: or what do you spend your time doing

dshlm5: trying to break down barriets

dshlm5: rs

dshlm5: barriers

dshlm5: not those kind of barriers

Jtb004: like what

dshlm5: i mean barriers

Jtb004: give me an example

dshlm5: but i don't know if it stoo late

dshlm5: you don't aggree but trying to get to understand other's and being open minded to eliminate all of the discrepencies in hte world

Jtb004: do you think that will happen

dshlm5: what

dshlm5: when i say all i don't mean all

Jtb004: ?

Jtb004: what do you mean then

dshlm5: like every problem

Jtb004: when should the correction have started for it not to be too late

Jtb004: and what would be the driving for for such a change

dshlm5: when there was no need for correction

dshlm5: when correction was a very oblivious word

Jtb004: when was that

dshlm5: when things were simple

dshlm5: long ago

dshlm5: long ago

Jtb004: ohh

Jtb004: ok

Jtb004: who messed it up

Jtb004: by making things complicated

dshlm5: The driving for such a change would be the community of the human-being

dshlm5: I don't know

dshlm5: many

Jtb004: ok

dshlm5: Many (messed it up)

Jtb004: ohhh

Jtb004: so what are you doing

Jtb004: with yourself

dshlm5: I terms of what

dshlm5: In

Jtb004: now doing the same old dead dry stuff

dshlm5: become more open minded as they say

dshlm5: because living in one's own beliefs societal, and cutting off others in that is not fair

dshlm5: It s odd that humans have not realized the detriment they are reaking on one another by interacting so much but yet separating with religion, and culture practices

Jtb004: true

Jtb004: ok

dshlm5: its not balanced

dshlm5: it is not a balance

dshlm5: I mean you dont' see Zebras fellowshipping with monkeys

dshlm5: but i dont' know

Jtb004: haha

Jtb004: I hear you

Jtb004: I agree with you

Jtb004: I have alot of friends

Jtb004: some of which dont believe in what I believe in

dshlm5: What kind of experience was highschool for you

Jtb004: at first ok

Jtb004: then I got bussed to a white school

Jtb004: then it was hard

Jtb004: cause I was sometime the only black in class

Jtb004: and people were real racist then

dshlm5: but you had a group to confide in...

Jtb004: no

dshlm5: people with whom to steady your self image

Jtb004: but a few friends

dshlm5: or few people

dshlm5: a

Jtb004: yes

dshlm5: found yourself comfortable doing the acceptable thing what they chose

dshlm5: ?

Jtb004: ?

Jtb004: I dont understand what you are asking

Jtb004: or saying

dshlm5: was finding yourself comfortable with doing the acceptable thing it was easy?

Jtb004: ???

Jtb004: comfortable?

Jtb004: that is relative

Jtb004: and so is acceptable

dshlm5: to what

Jtb004: acceptable to whom?

dshlm5: i am going to eat,

Jtb004: it is relative to the evaluator

Jtb004: ok

dshlm5: evaluator aside and yoiu in the picture now

Jtb004: ok

Jtb004: no I didnt allways do what is right

dshlm5: can be wrong to

Jtb004: and I often regreated doing things I know I should not have done

Jtb004: like smoke dope

dshlm5: were you at ease with actions relative to others

Jtb004: and steal

Jtb004: I was always a leader

Jtb004: so I often lead people into doing what I did

dshlm5: how

Jtb004: how did I lead them?

dshlm5: otuline

dshlm5: outline

Jtb004: haha

dshlm5: the method

dshlm5: not a real outline

Jtb004: there was no method at the time

dshlm5: just the objective portions

Jtb004: it was natural

dshlm5: that you feel work

dshlm5: there has always been

dshlm5: most things like that are

dshlm5: maybe or learned

dshlm5: acquired

Jtb004: they are both

Jtb004: I believe

Jtb004: they come naturally for some people

Jtb004: but it can be sharpened or developed

Jtb004: just like artistic skills

dshlm5: in what conditions

Jtb004: environmental conditions

Jtb004: like military

Jtb004: or gangs

Jtb004: or church

Jtb004: any social environment

dshlm5: are there many influenced by the army????????

Jtb004: yes

dshlm5: I have to go for now

Jtb004: ok

Jtb004: bye

dshlm5: tell everyone we said he

dshlm5: hi

dshlm5: bye

Jtb004: ok

Jtb004: you too

Jtb004: ok

Jtb004: give them all a hub for me

dshlm5: ok

Jtb004: hub

Jtb004: hug

Jtb004: haha



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