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4:42 p.m. - 2001-08-05
I will be going to Bethel this Sabbath. Last night when sis. russell askedme to come or rather and also brother mattison asked me to come i said ys . sis russell said they are having a sabbath school conventioin. Ok, that aside on the train down here i saw this man with these weird pants and he was naked stasning in front og=f me (i.e. no top on at all0 and there was a black girl there sitting behind him and she said nothing but she was blinking iwas jst thinking how humans hold back so mcuh and so many of their innate human tendenices. she knows she would have fucked in crucial situations..even the girl next to her i kind of wanted to but iwas thinking these men do not want it now anywa they are stable in their yearnings currently but the man next to me started to feel me when ilooked straight ahead out the window of the train. there was a man who sat next to me and wanted it from me i guuarded myself against the mother fucker. i would not want to be with him in secluded situations. therew was a prettr human on the train yesterday she looked like princess diasna and savoyed the girl sitting nex t to her. i muiss seeing diana i should visit her at cheers before siome motherfuxcker swindles her.

i fear keslock mitchell in an adequate animal way. he is not he is a criminal he would kill me if david and him 'got together' he would plot out a way to kill me for sure and i know it. what irks me is the manner in which david instantly remembered keslock mitchell's phone number this morning when i cursed before mommies face completely referring to david the motherfucker as a bitch and a fucker i called him a fuckjer or fuck lastr night at the table. he was acting like he was watching tv i tested him isaid what is the m,noday weather going to be he did not say. i have told shirly that she should (in many words) divorce david she got into the relationship and it would not be good for her to stsay this way for the rest of her life. davcid should go back to ohiop and fuck someone there. he would mutilate me iof he read my words.



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