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1:26 p.m. - 2001-08-06
Moby's invented religion
Wow, they expect me to come to church this weekend. I am not going to go. I am officially no longer a christian as they call it. I do not observe the Sabbath any more. I think it sucks that they think that hannah and i are the only two good ones in the church. That's really dumb and in the end none of the youth really want to associate with us because of that status, well not really because now Hannah does associate with them more. But church going is definitely not neccesary.

Moby said that a friend of his and him invented their own religion back in highschool. It was called prognosticism, wait let me check...

"In high school my friend John and I invented a new religion called prognosticism.

The main precept behind our religion was that we'd believe anything.



So no matter what anyone told us, we'd believe it and incorporate it into our credo.

You can see how handy this sort of belief could be.

'mars is made of cheese'

Ok, I believe that

'cherries are alien eyeballs'

Ok, I believe that too

'george bush is a super-genius'

Ok, well, it's a stretch, but not to blaspheme prognosticism, I believe that, too

'water is made out of penguins'

Fine, I believe that."



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