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2:00 p.m. - 2001-08-14
So Fast
over the past time:

my wrath has been expelled

my fantasies somewhat made closer in ways

guilt upraised in those i encountreed

hate for me

hate for me was shown for being the bad

that those maybe




i have been privileged to see

the hate, the lust, the envy, the yearn to kill

the fact that humans are each their own

the fact that humans are animals the same as the others

i have learned i have discovered

on my own

in this savagely world

i have learned i have discovered this earth

i have seen the depth of its roots

i have seen that the roots of this world aren't

I have seen that the roots are founded on the roots of what those make of them for them

i have traversed the edge of its hate

i have seen into the places where i would not want to see had it been me had it been me

i have seen the truth in many

i have made some tell me their truths

i have made some reveal for me their painful pasts

i have learned about thoses through reflections of me in their heads

and it all




i have been given the gift of seeing the world

through many eyes

these eyes are what makes perception of our surroundings

these eyse are the eyese of only one tittle

of the millions

theses eyes are what make this world 'beautiful'

"i saw the world through Tam colored glasses"

i saw a parking lot that Moby saw

I saw people that daddy sees

I saw people that mommy sees

I saw people that are made

i saw people that aren't but are to some to one to another

"through Tam colored glasses..."

through Tam colored glasses

is how the world was seen

through Moby's glasses,

through Tam's glasses,

through my techni-colour glasses...i saw the world

so fast so fast

so fast

Keslock's fear is that God may play games

so fast



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