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10:16 p.m. - 1990-10-16
Here It Is
undated*another thing If I take medicine I will destroy a building and I did take medicine (crossed out: I will also)*

undated *in addition, I never wrote this (but I do feel dumb actually writing now) but if life becomes ultimately horrible when I do leave (written in cursive:I will either definitely kill myself or move somewhere else to get away from it once I gain medical guardianship of myself.)*

undated*Humans are trying to find someone to whom they can relate. In all of the things they do are results of this. Just look at animals.*

undated*From the top to the bottom then back again it surveys the truth of the matter*

undated*The reason that I was admitted to Bader 5 was because my sister misheard me saying that, "I was going to stab myself with a knife." I did not say this: this is not true. This was an unfortunate and frivolous thing that didn't have to occur. In addition In the emergency room my father and mother and I made an agreement that if I cooperated with the rules in the house (crossed out: and) I would be fine to stay home with them.*



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