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12:10 p.m. - 2001-12-20
give me summer
Come to think of it. I have been inadequate my whole life. I have never conformed or 'adjusted well' to anything well. I am slow to change and stuff. i feel like or actually i would probably qulalify as a dunce a stupid dunce. that's probably why I admire Moby so much. he is organized a very calm and straight walking straight forward person...although come to think of it now i can imagine him amking good fun of a duncey charatcter like me. it is weird school and in all of my coming up i have never ever been adjusted to the classroom. i know i'm making excuses to not do stuff. what else i hav ea runnying nose...i haven't had a cold for a few years and now ....dang it. whatever. i have always been the underfoot in everything. Gosh and i can't count the amoung of m-f's that have been delighted in informaing me that i am too soft and that people will walk all over me which they do.

gosh i'd be happy if i'd just meet i'm pretty sure th ekind of person he is ok i'm going now to have lunch at ht ewonerinfical shleter i am residing at here in queens,jamaica new york.....I will say this a few times i was like don 't eat me humans! its funny i was like scared can kind a tell what kind of person just want s to kill you cold.



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