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12:57 p.m. - 2001-12-21
I liked my craft
Ok, I am extremely delapitated…in the head. Dang it . I am fucking board headed. I have been looking for the mother (fucker) for days now…Moby..fuck he…if I met him the 1st thingy I’m a goona say is first I miust give im the lettre then I’ll be like whut are u having for dinner tonight…and ask him whatver bullshit comes over my head…gohs oh gosh……….I really really wanna kill someobndoy…beofre they… bladdy bladdy blah………oh yeah oh yeah I gotta a picture of the wtc and other thingys they turned out so shitty….I will hagve to just go down there well actually since they are shitty and I don’t have many monye mool money money money I wont be able to get them ok I am Bye Bye..

yes i a made a craft today at the shelveter (shelve for lazy a's comme moi)

But it was cool this pakistany or something women enxt 2 me wa lik it look Ugly (captial U )w/ the leaves goonna go Bye Bye...Bye



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