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4:41 p.m. - 2001-12-21
Airflight Canceled
I think it is silly. Mommy and Daddy are having me come home tommorow. So if I get killed and violently ravishly mutilated between tonight and tommorow it is there fault. They demolished their fucking blessing of a daughter there's to you and merry christmas(oooh love the sound of that sentence)

I was just looking at pictures of Moby when he was young in highschool....awwww.....he seems very different and cool now I understand him better...he really is an air head...he just things of things that way air headedly and that makes him so freaking innovative...he just 'looks good' in his old age...but now i understand him a little more...he is really a light hearted person. That's great...he has friends lucky duck...gosh I wish I could meet him though. I am going to Coney Island later. Ok, later. My time on this computer is about to shut off.



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