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8:51 a.m. - 2004-11-23
Stuff to do
I'm still at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. I am trying to find things to do so that I don't get bored. Like I made a schedule and on the schedule there are like 5 blank spaces where I am not doing anything for five days. That is from 9 -10 am every day. So I am going to go to the library for those time periods. Yesterday I went out with Unlce James to the financial district. We went to KINKOS and then we went to MACY's I saw several cute men. But I didn't get strung out over them. That is a rise in my level of maturity. When I was with mommy and daddy I would get strung out over cute guys. I saw Pauline yesterday. She talked to Uncle James and I. She is staying at Lemuel Shattuck until she gets into a group home. She said she likes it here. I guess as long as she has something to do she should like it here. Ok, mommy said she would get my Social Security money. She is supposed to get a card from them with money on it that only she can withdraw so what should I get? I think I want to get a coat, a cd player, and a Rebecca St. James CD. But I have to find somewhere where they have it. I'm going to look for that on line. Also I want to get a hat.
As far as the hospital is concerned these are the things I am waiting for I am waiting for this week to pass by so that I can call MASS rehabilitation commission and set up an appointment and orientation with them. Then I want to here from volunteering by Thursday about volunteering downstairs because I don't like waiting upstairs in the ward...something about it I just don't like.
Now I am waiting for my hour to pass by it is 9 00 am and I have another 30 minutes to be out from the ward. I was thinking of visiting Pauline but it is too early to visit her. Visiting hours start at 11 I'll just see her when I see her outside downstairs or in the lobby. I don't know what I am going to do for a half hour. But I hope that mommy and daddy pick me up today otherwise I want to go out with Uncle James again. I want to go where I can look at a Rebecca St. James CD and a walkman. But I don't know where we can go because he doesn't have much money and I don't have any money except for change. So maybe we can go to the library.



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