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4:24 p.m. - 2005-02-01
I am still here at the hospital. I am faced with points where I feel like I am going to go nuts but then I finally come back down to a normal feeling. It's great. It's like this high where I feel like I can't take it no more then this feeling of being able to deal. I haven't spoken to Avi for days. I wonder if he will want to here from me. Oh well about 12 days and dr. sellers will be back. Today this guy cursed me out on the walk. I felt like getting back at him BIG time. But I didn't say much and what I said he didn't here. He is to drugged to notice much. Sick sad fuck...sorry!! I had to say that. I am listening to Christian launch. Guess what these kids are supposed to be mailing me free music and music for 5 dollars. I can't wait to get it. THen I am supposed to get the exercise tapes from Aunt Omega on Friday. In addition, I have been having vaginal discharge that is light yellow. I wonder why? Maybe I should look for a community on yeast infections (guys stop reading) at It sucks and is uncomfortable. Hannah is probably home from school so I will try to give her a call. Also also there is this lady online who recommended me by email to a lady who teaches knitting I am going to call her and email her too. Bye TOOTALOO...I have lived to say that cause that's what rich people say!! heheheee! -Lydia



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