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7:06 p.m. - 2005-02-04
Avram means Abraham duh!!!
I had my first knitting classI had my first knitting class. It was fun. But the sad ending he called me stupid in the end. He called me stupid...stupid!! how could I didn't know his name was Jewish and was asking hima bout the Sabbath...Avram Williams called me stupid...then I'll be stupid for you ...but I wont call you stupid because I don't know what kind of relationship we may have together. He was a boy of 20 years old. He went to Hobart University in New York. He was from Newton. Oh well....he taught me how to knit well.. We discussed trash while we knitted or rather I initiated trash by asking dumb questions dumb me ...I don't know why I am so like I am...I know I will cheer up once I start buying stuff offline and making my own website. At the end he was like do you mind me asking why you are here...oh well I think I will call Avi later. I think that I will have to convince myself that I am not as stupid as this man or boy said I was.



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