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8:28 p.m. - 2005-02-07
Television/Little Gifts
I think I was spoiled i.e. ruined by watching too much nonsensical TV. TOMMOROW Or TODAY FEB 8, 2005 I got a few things done today. I got my gmail account from guess who Eugene Kreydin from Boston Latin School. I have been having pain down there I wonder if it's bad. I have to get a check up some time or the other. Gotta go to TREE. Love,Lydia.Wait , wait...I want my tennis shoes ;'( I want my tapes so I can record music. I am going to play some Norah JOnes on the old shakey organ they got at TREE program. I made a superb bracelet yesterday. It's turquoise w/ two gold pieces on it. I haven't called AVI...I wonder if it's better to not talk to him too much. Well mommy visited me and sweety (mommy)brought apples, tangerines, gum (that dropped on the floor when I opened it EEKKKYuk) and chips lightly salted by wise. gotta go.



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