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8:57 a.m. - 2005-03-24
Chocolate Cherry
I named the entry this because I couldn't think of nayting else to name it....I liek the variety of the name
I met with Max the other day he "nope" when i asked him if he wante d to read my diary. oh well. When I am around him I feel Like I should have respect for him. I will respect Max alot. You know what I mean? It's kind of weird. We played video games and he let me borrow his music. I borrowed EMINEM with the song"I'm s oldier" on it it's good and a cd he made using the REASON software program. We didn't talk much. I assume he is just not wanting to talk or maybe my assumption is wrong. Right now I am on a walking break where I can walk around for an hour and then go back up. I will go back upstairs and have community meeting. Then I will go to the Fuller Gym to Swim i fhte lady is there. I 'm thirsty. I want to go hope well I will go home soon...finallly...haven't heard that fromo teh doctor yet though. But I will go home with in the next 5 months or so. Last night we went to Savelot and Dollar Store and KFC it was like a dream.
Mommy went and told Barbra I have been asking for money. It's like they use the police and nursing system to take care of something they can't take care of. I see that as very low....if one can't manage one's children on one's own then one shouldn't have children. I don't know it just really annoyed me that mommy would go and telll Barbara all this stuff and barbara come at me last night with it. It made me upset. Oh well. Anyway I told Hannah that I spent the money on music...I told her to tell mommy it was on a Kirk Frankling CD instead of hte BEATLES ALBUM and single (RUBBER SOUL) I bought for about $37.00.....hahah on mommy's part....Because mommy would tell daddy that I bough t beatles and daddy would get upset but that will not happen now that they know. Butlet's pray that I get the $40 dollars....and I am waiting in the mail for my VISA check card...I might buy something for Max...I want him to be happy...he seemed so sad...I feel like I should talk to him more...I did talk to him on the phone and he spoke to me about American Idol and that 70s Show. Hewas watching it and was going to watch American Idol. I watched it. I think Bo Bice is cute. He looks like a hippy. I like hipppies....ok gotta go to community meeting after getting some water from the water fountain down here...i hope their is not disease on it. BYE



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