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11:51 a.m. - 2005-04-04
I guess I should make this entry now. It’s morning time now. I feel depressed because I am worried about having a deadly illness and mommy and daddy’s meeting with Dr. Sellers this afternoon at 4:00p.m.
I wrote a whole sham of letters yesterday to Sis Basner, Alison(The SAD girl), Hannah, and Sis Miller which I lost. Daddy was supposed to give me her address by email but he didn’t
Yesteraday I had a natural strawberry Popsicle. It was delectable. And also yesterday mommy and daddy went to the South Shore Mall for mommy to get eyeglasses and they bought raspberry sunshine body cream and body spray for me. Thanks mommy and daddy I really appreciated it! They brought me my mail also. This thing from the school I will be going to Bunker Hill Community College in Chelsea, MA. I feel nervous and uncertain right now. I could sure use an email from Alison.
This morning I worked out or rather stretched for fitness group. I better enter this entry before lunch comes.
The pope is dead. He is officialy being carried to St. Peter’s Basilica. Rosemarie this patient just came in the room. Oh well. She is getting better. She is always very character to say the least. She is a patient on my same unit.
I am missing Life Skills a new group now. Well it’s over now. Going on in the conference room. Appollo an old patient came to visit Ralph and me today.

I am hoping that mommy and daddy don’t oppose to me going out on my own with friends on the Sabbath if doctor Sellers approves of it. Because I just can’t seem to stand church right now. I find it intimidating. I get really nervous and feel like the pastor is focusing on me.
I hope I see “Curly Haired Boy” today. I am going to email him something. Talking of sending people stuff. I have to make something for Patrice’s birthday today. Thanks to who I signed up with they got me all hyped and anticipatory about Patrice’s birthday this Saturday. A bracelet and a card. I will mail them separately. Hmmmm…Ideas.. Anyone, paste them in my guest book. Give me ideas for a card or a gift. We Have glitter. Maybe a card completely covered in glitter w/ a little box that says “Happy Birthday Birth day Girl!!” Sounds crummy enough. So I am deciding to either make her a bracelet and card or order something for her offline if I get my credit card this week. Or maybe I should send her the card and bracelet first (taping the bracelet inside of the card) and mail her via the internet a gift from offline.
Oh I promised bjorkdoll a gift. She said in so many words: “you don’t have to” Maybe I will do a small gift exchange with her. These sort of things keep me in good spirits at least.



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