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12:21 p.m. - 2005-04-07
Day Passes: Confusion or Short-change?
I just got back from the Fuller Gym. I called mommy and asked her about picking me up Saturday and Sunday. She sounded agitated and told me she will talk to Dr. Sellers on Friday. She said agitatedly, you keep on calling. Pray that she doesn't and hope that she doesn't tell Dr. Seller's I've been calling. Mommy is mean, sometimes as can be Daddy. I spoke to Mark, my social worker and he said that mommy and daddy ("as long as it's family") can pick me up and take me out either Saturday or Sunday. I guess I will have to stick with going out with "my family" immediate to get discharged soon. You know? Oh well I enjoyed Fuller Gym I played volleyball against the gym wall and I play a little basketball afterwards. It was fun. Both of them. Now I am going to check out what summer courses they are offering at Bunker Hill Community College. I am also going to look into volunteering in the English as a Second Language Program at the Boston Public Library.
I wish to be spoiled..hahhh...JUST A RANDOM THOUGHT.



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