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6:20 p.m. - 2005-06-22
So far in my life...(/Letter to Alison)
Dear Alison,
He was so old that his neck had to be sewn together with a red peice of clothe.
Guess what this morning (of course with nurses knowing) I got on the train by myself and road from the hospital to the Gill Rehab Program. It was fun to be alone and by myself. I enjoyed riding the train. I picked up a Boston Metro Newspaper and read it a little bit. I liked observing all the pretty people on the train. I went to the city library with my group from the rehab center too. We toured the Holy Grail's magnificienet the carvings are beautiful it was boring but cool. Then I road the train back to the hospital by myself. I GOt home to the hospital and there's this big stack of mail on my bed from credit card companies and such and then i see this colorful envelope from my friend from elementary school melissa she wrote me I was SO glad to hear from her. I typed out a letter as soon as I could on the computer before writing it out first. Seems like I've been hearing from a lot of friends these days. My friend in Ohio a Jewish family wrote me too with bad news of how her husband (Rebbe James) beat her until her baby died. She was pregnant I was SOOO saddened by this. This was their first child and they were older the wife younger in years than the husband older in years. We knew them for years when we lived in Ohio. My dad new them before I was born. I wrote her back today too. I guess that's enough for now. That was my day. How about yours?



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