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8:15 a.m. - 2008-07-02
Update Driver's ed book And Shattuck shit (james taught me that word for life :'( ...I hate him reminds of Troubling Making UNCLE James who messed with my family.
I am still atthehosptial. GUys still at the windo next to the computer shouting up to me. I have some positive news though. I was able to review my driver's education book with my Pyschology Intern ( person who annoys (j/k)you at intermiitent rates and simulateneous periods of interjections throught out the day....Hannah and Aaron ( have a happy wedding )
Gilbert still harassing me
I sure wont remember the Shattuck for anything less important then getting on in my life whcih is very important. there is like ascreen between me and the other workers pscychiatric and normal staff on other floors....cops still taunting me about Aaron T. hahaha Aaron doesn't even like me. So well.....I REALLY MISS GOODALE RD. And MARMA <3 LOVE YA....4 life.I feel worse I feel like I am hanging on to a string...butu also i have been having weirdo revelations that what I or WE as people feel is but a glass reflection of what others feel.



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