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7:47 a.m. - 2008-12-03
Leaving 4 Group Home Soon!
I am still at the Shattuck. I'll be leaving for a group home soon. I mean I can't take being on Howe St. with mommy, daddy, and Hannah. If I get AIDS in the process I get AIDS. Ok, let's be positive. I wont get AIDS. But that is a concern for me. I can't take being at home at all. Daddy is impossible, mommy is advertly worried all the time and Hannah is the relentless trouble maker. Even though Hannah is the relentless trouble maker I am excited for her becuase she is going to acting classes for commercial advertising: Dove soap, CVS commercials.If they were my kids they would be in college today. I mean I would make them stay out of the house as long as possible. Occupied by sports, school, volunteering and church. I wont harm them at all. I plan on finishing Bryman from the group home. And not going back to Howe St. Unless an emergency comes up. I want to get a car and I want to finish undergraduate school. How? you ask? There is this program that provies school money for tuition and books (a percentage) I'll end up going to UMass Boston and taking what I think I should take: Mathematics...I understand math....I've understood it my whole life (at least most of it anyway) Certificate and Degree in hand I'll get my own apartment; maybe be cautious with my money and get a YMCA housing room while working or getting a cheap apartment somewhere (USA) or maybe I'll live in England. But for now I have to focus on finishing school (Bryman particularly). Today I feel like I'im in New York. I <3 New York!
I've been doing my hair a certain way. Oh and do you want a updated picture of me? Here goes: Photobucket
I miss the good old days on Goodale. I miss Marmalade too.



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