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8:36 p.m. - 2001-04-03
Wish Tam was here
I keep on talking. There is so much I could have told Tam; how I suffered like her too, how I understood; It is weird though because no-one would think of me that way; that is why I want to go: to be with Tam to show the world that people are not who you think they are.

I think Jesus suffered to when he was here on earth that is why he left maybe he was tired of being burdened with all of the burdens of the world on his shoulders. Tam was very burdened; she experienced the depths of what humans reach and pull from ; that is maybe why she left; the most important people always leave; i dont konw waht will happen in ohio.everyhting is messed up everyone at Bethel Absolutely thinks im a dumbo and all they can do is laugh; if only tam was HEREE

I am about to try to order some tickets off thephone and call south station or grey hound or whatever, i just want to get away from boston; i dont konw what mommy and daddy wil think; hannah might cry and then if i come back brother mitchell , mother gouldbourne, and mabyeb eld. gouldbourne will mutilate me. If only Tam had this love maybe she would be here still. I wish so I wish so. I really wanted someone to relate to all my wasted life; and there she was she is gone nooooooo. Whenever I listen to the Beatles song by Paul McCartney i think of tam, "Golden Slumbers" Tam wanted to wanted to go home and she did "get home". And I hope that "Golden Slumbers fill her eyes" Once there was a way to get back homeword Once there was a way to get back home Sleep pretty darling do not cry and I will sing a lullalby Golden Slumbers fill you r eyes smiles awake you when you rise sleep pretty darling do not cry and I will sing a lulaby Home word is for Tam Love you always I am about to go to South Station goodbye Tam



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