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10:27 p.m. - 1990-07-28
Currently on-line while many people who I assume to "know" as in connaitre not savoir, are on-line bulking up the buddy list lists for every category: family, buddy, school... It is usually dshlm5 or Dob02126 who intiates the conversing battle. Then it ensues to end with the gratuitous good bye of the person on the other end.

I wish Tam was still alive she would be so happy if she could see the other things of the world and that it was not her but the world through her eyes. But then how can it be said that her eyes were wrong. Everyone's eyes is wrong for that matter or no ones eyes are right. But Tam was swayed the mothr fucking wrong mother fucked way. Damn. It is non-sense to kill oneself when the reason they are killing oneself is because oneself. But that is pure bliss and only a hope for those being dogged daily by the products of their nightmares; the human. The human is so mother fucking shit fucked that they kill each other with their body language because they don't go ahead and mother fucking eat one another like rael animals do they communicate with their speech and with their body language. But it does not make sense for a human to jump out of the race but some do. And it should not be a race any mother fucking way anyway. Its Dumb. It is silly. It is stupid. Any pain is not from some one else unless it is literal, physical. It is I who is that person. It is not others limiting you it is your mind. Don't let your mind limit your living time on the planet benomened Earth by those animals called humans who think they are over the others. Motherfuckers. You know humans are shrinking they are getting smaller in the end maybe the animals will win. They are the less genetically complicated animal the fly hardly has any genes only several and the other animals taht are more simple are more. As you go up the genus there are more genes and more mixtures and more competition for survival The humans eat all the other animals but the other simple animals only eat the simple things plants,carbon , h2O, Was there a mass mating a long time ago that made the human? The human is funny though they have made so many things where animals just make homes, food provisions, families. Where did the human come from? Where di they come from? I think most humans are loosing their sense of defensive "instincts" that they should have as any animal thats when thigns are going to turn the computer does everything for them now as they say, and why do these safety specials on DateLine have to remind the woman how not to walk how not to hold her purse how not to wear her hair when her instincts should be telling her this? They are asking (daddy ) NOOOOOOOO



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